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Portal to access various projects within MIPS.

"If the solution is not simple, it probably is complex ... anonymous"

Compiler Team


MIPS LLVM Project Notes

LLVM links

Inline Assembler

Standalone Assembler


Python Base clang Driver

Pic Code

Setting Up Android Build

preliminary mips16

loading mentor tools

subscribing to mailing lists and posting

open source mailing lists

C++ exception handling

Clang building/using

Build MIPS Clang/LLVM

Build x86 Clang/LLVM

LLVM CMake Build

Using Clang for cross-compilation

Notes on running Clang/LLVM

GCC MIPS Options Support Status

Mentor Releases Inside of Mips

Debugging LLVM/Clang with GDB

Clang Driver Config

LLD Linker

Build LLD Linker

Test LLD Linker Using LLVM Test-suite

Compiler team tools

Build Bot

Compiler team Bugzilla

Git Portal

Eclipse Ubuntu

Setting up a project for use with Eclipse

Information about CDT - C/C++ Development Tooling

Getting the Latest Eclipse
You will need a more recent version of Eclipse than can be simply downloaded from Ubuntu.

Building with Cmake to create an Eclipse Project

Importing the Project into Eclipse

Testing LLVM

Compiler Test Plan

Steps for adding tests to the LLVM automated testing

Plumhall automated testing

Test variations and builders

Testing Tools


Running test-suite

General Documentation

Architecture Documentation

Useful Docs

Bugzilla process for the compiler group

Git Instructions

Git Bisect for test-suite regressions

GCC Build Instructions

mips_tool_chain repository

Notes on booting Debian under Qemu

MFC1 issue in Qemu that is exposed by R6

LLVM Developer Policy


Steps for building native microMIPS GCC and Binutils

Steps for building and testing NDK

How to get NFS mounts working in Android emulator

Steps for building MIPS toolchains for windows

HH Shared services for build and test

MIPS Instruction set encodings

Target Triples

Running Mips Programs

Available MIPS hardware

Debugging on MIPS hardware

Installing Packages

Installing packages on debian compatible machine (i.e. Ubuntu)

Installing python packages

Personal Build Bot

This is information for installing your own personal build bot and not to be confused with the official build bot at Imagination/Mips.

Installing Buildbot

MIPS ABI Documentation

MIPS ELF header definitions

MIPS ELF Relocations

MIPS ELF Sections

MIPS ELF Symbols

MIPS calling conventions

MIPS O32 ABI - FR0 and FR1 Interlinking

MIPS ABI - NaN Interlinking

MIPS Dynamic Segment

MIPS ABI Project


Dwarf 2

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