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Malta lenny

Subject: Direction to setup Debian Linux on Malta


1. Connect a serial cable from your computer com port to the top com port on the malta. Use hyperterm or other terminal software from your computer with this setting: Baud:38400, None, 8, 1, Hardware Flow

2. Connect an Ethernet cable from your network router to the malta board. Assign an IP address to the malta board.

3. In your local network, you need to setup a NFS server and a TFTP server. Assume you have another Linux/Windows that connects to the same local network as the malta. This machine will be a NFS server and a TFTP server.

4. Connect a power cable from a power supply to the malta board.

5. Turn on the power supply.

6. From your terminal software, you should see YAMON prompt. Assume the network setup for the malta board as follows: (Change to your setting) Ex: IP: Netmask: Gateway: DNS:

From Yamon prompt: YAMON> setenv ipaddr YAMON> setenv subnetmask YAMON> setenv gateway

7. Assume the tftp server is at and the Linux kernel is fu/20091209/vmlinux.srec: (Change to your setting) YAMON> load //

8. Setup variable for booting up Linux: (Change to your setting) YAMON> set var2 ip= YAMON> set var3

9. Assume your NFS server is at and Debian file system is /export/archtc1/nfsroot/fu/malta-lenny: (Change to your setting) YAMON> set var4 nfsroot=

10. Boot Linux YAMON> go . root=/dev/nfs $var2:$var3 $var4

11. You will see login prompt at the end. Login is root and the password is root.

12. You can use ssh to this machine from any computer in your network. Ex:

  1. ssh root@

You can even set display to xwin server to run xwin apps.

  1. export DISPLAY=
  2. xclock

To install Debian software pakage xyz.

  1. apt-get install xyz.

13. The hard drive in the package contains another file system "TimeSys". You don't need to use it. However, we recommend you connect another hard drive to the malta board. Then, use the hard drive for Linux swap and your local data.

NOTE: We will put vmlinux.srec and malta-lenny.tar (as the Debian file system) on a ftp site. You will download them and put it to your tftp server and your NFS server.

Regards, Chao-ying

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