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Bucket for information relating to the standalone Mips assemblers we support. Initially this will be sparse and a bit unorganized as we discover information not formally spelled out elsewhere. If this page starts to be used in earnest, we can use it as alternative assembler manual or as a vessel for updating existing documentation such as GNU and LLVM.

.set Directives

.set push/pop

These are GNU/Mips specific directives. Here is the description from the GNU Using AS manual:

"The directives .set push and .set pop may be used to save and restore the current settings for all the options which are controlled by .set. The .set push directive saves the current settings on the stack. The .set pop directive pops the stack and restores the settings."

"These directives can be useful inside a macro which most change an option such as the ISA level or instruction reordering, but does not want to change an option which invoked the macro. Traditional MIPS assemblers do not support these directives."

We have found the following work with .set push/pop:

We have discovered the following currently do not work with .set push/pop:

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